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Algona Middle School
601 South Hale
Algona, IA  50511
515-295-7207 Phone
515-295-9273 Fax

James Rotert, Principal
515-295-7207, Ext. 116
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NameDepartmentEmailPhone ExtensionWeb Site
NameDepartmentEmailPhone ExtensionWeb Site
Aboud, Dianne Instrumental Music daboud@algona.k12.ia.us 143 AMS Band 
Allison, Kristy TAG kallison@algona.k12.ia.us   
Anderson, Lauren Language Arts landerson@algona.k12.ia.us 167 Ms. Anderson's Class 
Bauer, Maura Language Arts mbauer@algona.k12.ia.us 191 Ms. Bauer's Classroom 
Benson, Kim Special Education kbenson@algona.k12.ia.us 185  
Bjustrom, Molly Reading mbjustrom@algona.k12.ia.us   
Bowman, Colleen Guidance cbowman@algona.k12.ia.us 117  
Collison, Rich Physical Education rcollison@algona.k12.ia.us 153  
Conner, Clark Industrial Technology cconner@algona.k12.ia.us 269 7th Industrial Tech 
Conner, Clark    8th Industrial Tech 
Cook, Molly Science mcook@algona.k12.ia.us  Miss Cook 
Elsbecker, Mike Social Studies/Science melsbecker@algona.k12.ia.us 171  
Fonley, Jackie 5-12 Instructional Coach & Technology & Library jfonley@algona.k12.ia.us 240  
Green, Trevor Spanish tgreen@algona.k12.ia.us   
Huntley, Olivia ELL ohuntley@algona.k12.ia.us   
Lallier, Amy Special Education alallier@algona.k12.ia.us 164  
Louwagie, Shelley Family and Consumer Science slouwagie@algona.k12.ia.us 226 Family and Consumer Science 
Ludwig, Lori Special Education lludwig@algona.k12.ia.us 157  
McMahon, Jim Social Studies jmcmahon@algona.k12.ia.us 190  
Menning, Kelly Math kmenning@algona.k12.ia.us 170  
Merkel, Marisa Vocal Music mmerkel@algona.k12.ia.us 136  
Nagle, Ashlee Math anagle@algona.k12.ia.us  Ms. Nagle 
Nichols, Tyler Social Studies tnichols@algona.k12.ia.us 185  
Rasmussen, Megan 5-12 Instructional Coach & Science mrasmussen@algona.k12.ia.us  Mrs. Rasmussen 
Rempe, Karissa Special Education krempe@algona.k12.ia.us 156  
Sabin, Megan Reading/Language Arts msabin@algona.k12.ia.us 187 Mrs. Sabin's Class 
Shey, Courtney Reading/Language Arts cshey@algona.k12.ia.us   
Stumo, Teresa Social Studies/Science tstumo@algona.k12.ia.us 165  
Walker, Jeanette Reading/Language Arts jwalker@algona.k12.ia.us 166  
Waltz, Holly Math hwaltz@algona.k12.ia.us 191 Mrs. Waltz 
Waltz, Pete Science pwaltz@algona.k12.ia.us 192 Mr. Waltz 
Weier, Mike Math mweier@algona.k12.ia.us 189 Mr. Weier Math 
Wellman, Gregg Art gwellman@algona.k12.ia.us 130  
Showing 33 items