Reorganization Vote

On February 5, 2013, patrons of the Algona and Titonka Consolidated School District will go to the polls to vote on Titonka reorganizing with Algona Community School District.  The information on this page is designed to provide background information regarding the history leading to the vote, the actual petition for reorganization, and the tax and funding incentives related to reorganization.

Background Information

·      We are currently serving fewer than forty students at the Titonka Building in grades K-4.  Over the past ten years we have seen a steady decline in enrollment and that decline is predicted to continue.

·      The Titonka Board did extensive research for a sharing partner during the 2009-10 school year (see the timeline below).  Through public meetings and surveys it was determined that Algona was the preferred sharing partner for the majority in the community.

·      Financially the district has seen the unspent balance decline steadily.  Steps have been taken for many years to protect district funding as best can be done but, unfortunately, declining enrollment directly impacts unspent balance.  The sharing agreement has slowed that decline but will not eliminate it and the Titonka District will soon have a negative unspent balance.  Once unspent balance is negative the Department of Education could perform a Phase II audit, which would most likely result in the district being dissolved.  

·      The sharing agreement with Algona has proven to be a positive experience for both districts and for students.

·      Questions related to the future of the building, by code, are required to be answered in the future by the reorganized board.

Reorganization Incentives

·      Reorganization tax incentive includes a reduction in the uniform levy for three years.  $1.00 first year, $ .50 second year, and $ .25 the third year.  These amounts are per thousand. (This legislation expires after July 1, 2014.)  As an example, if your taxable valuation is $100,000 your tax bill would be reduced by $100 the first year after reorganization.

·      The reorganized new district will receive weighted enrollment for a period of three years for the students in the newly formed district.

Timeline of Reorganization between Titonka Consolidated Schools and Algona Community Schools

May 20, 2009            Joint meeting between Woden- Crystal Lake and Titonka to discuss Department of Education feasibility study findings.


November 9, 2009            Joint meeting between Woden-Crystal Lake and Titonka to discuss future options.


December 21, 2009            Public Hearing to end whole grade sharing agreement between Woden-Crystal Lake and Titonka effective June 30, 2011.


January 18, 2010            Parent Survey Data reviewed jointly by Titonka and Woden-Crystal Lake regarding future whole grade sharing wishes.


March 2010            Titonka Board meets with four neighboring districts to discuss potential for whole grade sharing.


April 15, 2010            Titonka Board approves development of whole grade sharing agreement with Algona to begin July 1, 2011.


June 24, 2010            Joint meeting between Algona and Titonka to dicuss specifics of whole grade sharing arrangement.


July 19, 2010            Titonka and Algona begin sharing Superintendent position.


November 22, 2010            Whole Grade Sharing Agreement between Titonka and Algona Finalized.


July 1, 2011            Titonka and Algona begin a three-year agreement to one way share students in grades 5-12.


July 1, 2011            Titonka and Algona begin sharing Transportation Director position.


November 21, 2011             Larry Sigel, ISFIS President, discussed Titonka district finances with the Board.


February 13, 2012            Jeff Herzberg, AEA Director, attends meeting in Titonka to explain reorganization process.


                                                April 16, 2012                         Joint Board Meeting @ Titonka to discuss reorganization.


June 25, 2012            Joint Board Meeting @ Titonka with Attorneys for both districts present to discuss drafting of a reorganization petition.


July 9, 2012            Algona Board adopts petition for reorganization.


July 23, 2012            Titonka Board adopts petition for reorganization.


August 20, 2012            Reorganization Petition filed with AEA 8 by the Algona Community School District and Titonka Consolidated School District.


                                                October 24, 2012                        Public Hearing on Reorganization

7:00 pm            This meeting was held in the gymnasium at Titonka by the AEA Board.


                                                December 17, 2012                        Written Notice filed with Election Commissioner


February 5, 2013            Public Election on the question of reorganization to be held in both the Titonka and Algona school districts.


July 1, 2014            Proposed Reorganized District would begin.







The Titonka Consolidated School : PETITION FOR REORGANIZATION

District and the Algona Community

School District and Their Respective :





TO: Jeff Herzberg, Administrator and the Board of Directors of the Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency 8


The undersigned eligible electors residing in the Algona Community School District and the Titonka Consolidated School District, hereby petition under and pursuant to Iowa Code Chapter 275 to conduct a hearing and approve this Petition as follows:


1.  The Titonka Consolidated School District and the Algona Community School District shall be re-organized into a new school district known as the Algona Community School District.


2.  The real estate description of the existing Titonka Consolidated School District is set forth on Exhibit 1 attached.  The real estate description of the existing Algona Community School District is set forth on Exhibit 2 attached.  The re-organized district shall be the total of Exhibits 1 and 2 other than any property which is released from the re-organization.


3. This petition conforms to the re-organizational plan developed by the Area Education Agency.


4.  No general obligation bonds have been issued during the six (6) month period preceding the filing of this Petition by either district.


5.  The Petition is signed by the appropriate number of eligible voters required by Iowa Code Section 275.12(1).


6.  The number of directors on the regular board shall be seven (7), which directors shall be elected at large from the entire district and by electors of the entire district.  These seven (7) initial directors will be selected pursuant to Iowa Code Section 275.41, as the boards of each re-organizing school district shall designate directors to be retained as members to serve on the initial board.  The Algona Community School District will designate six (6) directors and the Titonka Consolidated School District shall designate one (1) director for the initial board.


7.  The assets and liabilities of each re-organizing district will become the assets and liabilities of the newly reorganized district effective July 1, 2014, except that the general obligation bonds currently existing in the Titonka Consolidated School District, which general obligation bonds were incurred for the construction of the elementary building and that debt of those bonds shall remain the obligation of the taxpayers within the territory set forth on Exhibit 1.  That debt is specifically described as:


General Obligation School Bonds, Series  2007 of Titonka Consolidated School District in the Iowa Counties of Kossuth, Hancock and Winnebago.


8.  This re-organization meets the statutory enrollment minimums set forth in Iowa Code Section 275.3.


9.  At the conclusion of the hearing and disposition of all objections, if any, a special election shall be called and the additional steps in Iowa Code Chapter 275 shall be complied with to complete this re-organization.






Titonka Consolidated School District Algona Community School District

By Its Eligible Electors as Signed on the By Its Eligible Electors as Signed on the

Attached Petition Attached Petition



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