Students sitting in the cafeteria together

District Goals with Indicators of Progress

Fiscal Responsibility (Efficient use of resources that provide maximum benefit for kids)

  • We will maintain an Unspent Balance of 10% of total budget.

  • We will maintain a Fund Balance of 8% of total general fund expenditures.

  • We will maintain a balanced budget.

Environment (Environment where people feel safe, connected, encouraged, & supported to grow as learners and as citizens) 

  • We will provide and maintain modern facilities, grounds, and technology.

  • We will continually evaluate student to staff ratio.

  • We will support sustainability and energy efficiency.

  • We will recruit, hire, and retain a highly qualified workforce.

  • We will involve our community in key decisions by asking for their input.

Student Achievement (Improved achievement in communication, mathematics, and science)

  • We will use data to drive instruction and make key decisions.

  • We will strive to have all of our students graduate.

  • We will strive to have all of our students demonstrate growth and proficiency in math, reading, and science.

  • We will use technology as a tool to support learning for all students.

  • We will provide quality professional development to all staff.

Community & Family Involvement (Increased opportunities for involvement in preparation of the tomorrow’s citizens)

  • We will provide meaningful opportunities for parent(s)/guardian(s) to participate in their child’s education.

  • We will utilize a public relations/communication plan.

  • We will provide key information to our community on a regular basis.

Health and Wellbeing (Physical, social, and emotional needs of our students and staff)

  • We will strive to maintain a safe and secure school environment

  • We will provide necessary resources to meet the physical, social, and emotional needs of our students and staff

  • We will provide academic and career guidance for all students