Mock Trial 2024

This year Algona High School decided to bring back a fun activity for students to participate in, Mock Trial. In Mock Trial, students study a fake court case given to them. At the competition, they become the lawyers and witnesses fighting for their side of the case. After they prepare cases for both the prosecution and defense, they will present in front of a judge, like a real court case! 

They also will have a real lawyer help them prepare their cases to make sure it all follows actual laws. The real lawyers will then go with them when they compete and judge other schools.

Mr. Stein has taken on the task of preparing the students for competition. Stein said, “It’s really exciting to bring back an excellent club, especially one that has so many moving parts with no real answer. I couldn’t imagine starting this organization up again without the awesome groups of students we have this year.” The students meet with Mr. Stein on Tuesday mornings and/or afternoons. 

This year the case they are studying is a bar fight between a giant of a man and an MMA fighter. They have to find evidence for it being a murder or self defense. They will have their first competition on either the 8th or 12th of March. 

Participating in Mock Trial this year is Abbie Droessler, Audrey Snider, Flynn McCann, Jasper Wirth, Lauren Klemm, Paige Vileta, Remi Shaffer, Sophia Snider, Zoe Nason, Abby Lampe, Aidyn Schmitt, Aleena Roacker, Ashley Cantu, Ashton Moreno, Camilla Campuzano, Evie Guenther, Riker Brindley, Seth Walker, and Waverly Espe. 

When they arrive at the competition, they will be told which side they are fighting for about five minutes before they compete. They have to look over all of their material and make sure they have a strong argument for the side they are given.

Let’s wish the students luck as they get ready in the upcoming months for the competition!