Fall musical 2023

If you didn’t “catch” the most recent AHS production, here’s what you missed! The musical, Catch Me If You Can, is based on the movie about the notorious con-artist Frank Abagnale Jr. Some highlights from the performance included: members of the AHS dance team performing their self-choreographed numbers, outstanding senior lead roles, and a large cast including a variety of students ranging from grades 9 to 12.

The talented AHS performers, led by Riker Brindley as Carl Hanratty and Seth Walker, who portrayed Frank Abagnale Jr., delivered an outstanding show. Other key cast members included Chance Studer and Hannah Severson as Frank Abagnale Sr. and Paula Abagnale, Sydney Seebecker as Brenda Strong, Evan Posey and Aleena Rosacker as Roger and Carol Strong, and Jacob Barglof as Agent Cod. 

The students preformed a quick matinee for the elementary and middle school students on the Friday before the official performances! Official performances took place on October 28th and 29th. The cast and crew gives a big thank you to all of the community members and students who attended the performances. 

Senior, Seth Walker, states, “It was really fun to get to perform my last show at AHS amongst friends. I’ve always loved the theater, and I’m very excited to see many of the underclassmen becoming interested in the Arts.” 

Special thanks to the directors, Adam Orban and Todd Herbst-Ulmer, for their combined efforts. The theater students extend their gratitude to the crew and everyone who dedicated their time to bringing this AHS theater program to life. 

The theater department is excited for the upcoming spring play, The Internet Is Distract-OH LOOK A KITTEN. This will be directed by Mallory Zwiefel, which will mark her first large production at AHS. Auditions start on February 12th. For more information, contact Ms. Zwiefel.