Saul Paul 2024

GRAMMY nominated producer and artist, Saul Paul, plans to visit AHS this spring. The rapper has been featured on many well known stages, such as America’s Got Talent, the Super Bowl, and TEDx, to name a few. He travels the nation spreading his message, Be the Change, to students around the country. 

His music pulls from many genres, including hip-hop to folk, and dance to storytelling. The message of his presentation is to encourage yourself and others to be the difference in the world. He conveys this message through his artistry in music, books, and motivational speeches.

The Algona elementary, middle school, and high school students will get to witness Saul Paul’s presentation. The artist was scheduled to visit Algona on February 15th, but due to circumstances, his presentation has been moved to some time this spring. Students will get the chance to participate in his presentation by helping the speaker with his freestyling skills.

Saul Paul has a new album titled, Okay to Be Different. Regarding his new album, the artist had this to say, “This album is all about the heart and mindset. My goal is to inspire kids to celebrate their individuality through acceptance of others and self-confidence…” Saul Paul continues to change the lives of students every day.