Algona’s National Honor Society chapter is hosting their annual blood drive coming up in February. The blood drive is a great way to give back to the community. The blood drive will be held in the Performing Arts Center lobby on February 12th, from nine to two. 

Parents, community members, and students are encouraged to participate in this event. Appointments are required and you can see a National Honor Society member to sign up. Or you can sign up on the schedule in the office. If you are a student under the age of eighteen, you will need a parent’s signature to donate. 

Everyone who donates blood receives a health screening. Due to COVID-19, this health screening will help the state health department understand the virus better and collect more information on it. Therefore there are some additional screenings this year. Every time you are screened to donate blood, you get told what your blood type is. This year, however, you also get tested for the COVID-19 antibodies. This is helpful to many people, being able to see if they have had the virus already or if they are more immune to the virus. While donating blood, you are saving others’ lives while learning about your own.

National Honor Society member Greta Lampe states, “I think it is a great opportunity to give back.” 

Blood donation numbers this year have been down; because of COVID-19, many blood drives have been closed. AHS’s blood drive is a great opportunity to do your part and help out in something that will help many people.  Giving back to your community can be fulfilling in so many ways. You can do your part in saving lives by donating blood.