Posted 1/12/21

Bulldog fans –

Last Thursday, Governor Reynolds removed spectator limitations for extracurricular events. However, Governor Reynolds left a requirement of ensuring social distancing between groups. After careful consideration, Algona schools has decided to try to allow more people into our games in the  high school gym  by expanding our definition of “households” and allowing our high school students to attend.

1. Participants will have two choices when it comes to choosing spectators to watch them:

Option A: We will try allowing “households” to be expanded to include grandparents. Participants can now choose to have their households, those living with the participant, along with grandparents, attend as their allotted tickets.

Option B: Two spectators not in your immediate household.

**The lower level of the gym will be reserved for household tickets.

2. The second way we will allow more spectators is to allow the members of our high school student body to attend our home games.

**The balcony will be reserved for high school students.

The stands will still be cleared out between games to allow households of the next group to fit in the lower level. Masks covering the face and nose are still required while in attendance.

With this expansion of the number of people allowed in the gym, it is important to sit together in your group and sit in the marked spot. Please do not not move the marks. Marks are placed to ensure our spacing between groups. It is also best practice to sit shoulder to shoulder with your group instead of in front/behind each other.

Although we are not completely opening games to the public, we feel these restrictions will allow more people into our events while maintaining a safe environment for our students and community. We will also continue to work hard to make events available on our AHS Broadcasting YouTube page.

Thank you all for your support during this time. Go Bulldogs!

Andy Jacobson