Published January 2021

Written by: Greta Lampe

National Honor Society is a prestigious organization for high school students that was founded in 1921. NHS has many different chapters all across the U.S., and over the years thousands of students have been admitted into it. 

NHS bases its requirements to be admitted on their four pillars: leadership, scholarship, service, and character. Each student must display each of these pillars to join. 

There are many benefits that come along with joining, like scholarships, recognition, and opportunities like studying abroad. Here, at Algona, we have our very own chapter where juniors and seniors each year are able to apply. 

The application process comes across as a bit lengthy, but it is worth it. Mrs. Spear and Mrs. Cassens, co-advisors for NHS, held a meeting for those interested in applying. There, they explained the application process and what all needs to be done. To apply, you have to have two letters of recommendation, a 3.5 cumulative GPA, and volunteer in a variety of different capacities. In the past, 35 hours of community service was required, but, due to Covid, this requirement has been adjusted. Each person also has to fill out an application where they tell how they possess each pillar. The applications are due by 4:00 on February 5th. Each application is reviewed by a selected five person panel of teachers. From there, they inform each applicant if they have been accepted. 

New members are inducted during the Academic Night of Excellence banquet. This year it is scheduled for March 15th. During the banquet, past inductees speak about the four pillars and run the program of admittance. Also, an NHS alumni speaks about how they’ve used the pillars in their careers. This year the speaker is local veterinarian, Justin Kuecker. New inductees receive a pin and a certificate for being accepted. After, to-go cupcake boxes will be given to celebrate the great accomplishment.

Being inducted is a lifetime membership that is great to be a part of! However, membership can be revoked if pillars have been broken. Current member, Ruby Mitchell, says, “National Honor Society is an honor for me and society.” The benefits are everlasting. Good luck to everyone who is applying this year!