Published February 2021

Written by: Montgomery Halsrud

On Saturday, February 27th, the Algona High School speech team will be competing in an individual speech competition. There are many students from AHS who will be participating. These students will be participating in many categories, such as: solo musical theater, radio news broadcasting, and review.

Senior Ava Roach will be performing “Defying Gravity” in the solo musical theater category. Also in the same category, junior Shea Thilges will be performing “The Stars and the Moon.”  Senior Ryan Merrill will be performing “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” for the solo musical theater and will be performing radio news broadcasting with senior Evan Deal. Sophomore John Cox will be competing in the review category.

These AHS students will be virtually performing and competing online with the state office. If any of these performances receive a Division I rating, they will qualify for State. State speech will be on Saturday, March 13th.