Senior Spotlight

Published February 2021

Written by: Emma Elsbecker

For the final week of February 2021, our “Senior Spotlight Special” will be featuring Ava Roach. Ava is involved in many activities throughout high school, such as band, color guard, choir, cheerleading, the musical/play, Model UN, National Honor Society, Student Senate, and speech. Ava has qualified and participated in the All-State Choir not once, but twice in her high school career. All-State is a choir of great honor in Iowa where only special vocalists must audition to qualify for.

Not only is Ava Roach extremely involved in extracurricular activities, but Ava is also a phenomenal student! With straight A’s and a bright mind, Ava plans to attend Iowa State University and eventually become a radiologist. She considers living in the mountains of Colorado in her future.

This school year, Ava is partaking in many advanced classes such as AP Literature, advanced chemistry, and calculus. Some seniors like to take it easy in their final year of high school, but Ava is always up for a challenge! When asked about her thoughts on senior year, Ava joked, “I don’t know what I’m doing, but I think I’m doing it well.”

One thing you may notice about Ava in the hallways of AHS is her sweet sense of style. Ava loves rocking her new outfits at school and always looks her best! Another fun fact? Ava has been dancing since she was four years old. She has competed in numerous dance competitions with Dance Connection by Michelle here in Algona. While Ava enjoyed competitive dancing, she finds dancing for fun in her free time more pleasurable.

As a senior, Ava’s favorite perks are being able to eat out for lunch and stay home during her free periods. Next time you see Ms. Roach in the hallway, be sure to give her a “hello.” Our best wishes go to Ava Roach and her future after Algona High School!