This year’s seniors the last time they competed in Superstars, as sophomores in 2019.

Written by: Emma Zabka

As spring starts to approach and March is here, Superstars is a big question for everyone. Last year Superstars was unable to happen due to COVID-19. The 2019 Superstars was a fun one and everyone hopes to get it back this year. 

This year, AHS plans to host Superstars! The only change will be required masks. Some fun activities that have been played in the past include: human ladder, crab soccer, team hideout, musical chairs, a talent show, dodgeball, and tug war to end the night. After all of the games have ended, everyone will meet in the gym and each grade will be placed by how many points they have. 

This year’s seniors placed 4th their freshman year and 3rd their sophomore year. This year’s juniors placed 4th their freshman year. This year the winner will be up for grabs, as two grades haven’t played at all and the other two grades haven’t played for over a year. Kyle Simpson says, “Go seniors” as he, and the senior class, hopes for a win this year. 

Each year Superstars has a theme that they go by to start off the show. In 2019, the theme was super heroes. Who knows what it will be this year? But one thing is for sure, the skit, including the theme, will host a lot of new faces as it stars the new faculty. This year’s opening ceremonies will have to include the new staff from not only this year but last year as well since we didn’t have Superstars last year. 

There is no set date yet, but planning is underway! Stay tuned for more details.