Seniors Who Are. . .

Published March 2021

Riley Goche and Ruby Mitchell won the most likely to bring home a pet from the side of the road category.

Written by: Emma Elsbecker

The results for the annual “Seniors Who Are” categories included in the yearbook for the class of 2021 are in! Mrs. Spear’s journalism class previously teamed up to create topics for the senior class to vote on this year. Without further ado, let us award the recipients!

First, the winners for most likely to bring home a random pet from the side of the road are Ruby Mitchell & Riley Goche. The best bromance award goes to Noah Nelson & Kyle Simpson. Most likely to cure Corona is obviously granted to Carley Mullins & Dylan Berte. Most likely to be late include Josie Wiita & Aaron Weringa. Tallest and shortest of the grade, without a doubt, are Grant Oftedahl & Emma Zabka. 

Next, the two winners bound to have their own reality show are Greta Lampe & Kane Hoover. Most likely to be President are, of course, Ruby Mitchell & Evan Deal. Deal was confident in securing a win for most likely to be President, especially considering his well known political personality.

  Subsequently, worst driver unfortunately landed on Sydney Lewis & Cameron Leininger. Best drip, or style, is awarded to Rylee Krowiorz & James Wartick. By a landslide, most likely to become famous goes to Emma Elsbecker & Kane Hoover. 

Josie Wiita & Patrick Louscher have been pronounced the biggest flirts. Trysta Penning & Cameren Rindone have the best Snapchat stories. Most likely to be ID’d at 30 goes to Emma Zabka & Jacob Behounek. And finally, most likely to win the lottery but lose the ticket are once again Josie Wiita & Patrick Louscher. 

Congratulations to all of the 2021 winners for “Seniors Who Are. . .” at Algona High! Be sure to purchase a yearbook to see all of their Photoshoped pictures!