Senior Spotlight

Published March 2021

Written by: Jasmyne Harrison

This week’s Senior Spotlight focuses on AHS’ very own Nicholas Dean Hardman. Nick lives with his proud parents, Lisa and Dave Hardman, in Algona. Nick also has an older brother, Dean Hardman, and owns two dogs, Reed and Cali, both whom he adores. Some interesting facts about his family: his dad drove an M1A1 tank for two years in the military and his mom had Mr. Stein as a teacher during his first year teaching at Pocahontas, Iowa.

In his free time, you can usually find Nick adventuring outdoors. Whether hiking, hunting, fishing, or taking pictures, Nick’s energy is more likely to radiate when he’s not cooped up in his house. He participates in cross country and trap shooting and works as the freezer manager at Fareway. Other favorites of his include Subarus, unexpected facts, and YouTube.

As a charismatic senior, Nick loves having lots of free time, open campus, and reaping the benefits of being 18. He describes himself as spontaneous, courteous, an ambivert, respectful, understanding, and chock full of random, interesting facts. Nick displays his positive traits when he’s providing support through tough times and inspires others by reminding them that these tough times eventually get better, and when they do, he says that it’s so worth it. On the subject of COVID, Nick recognizes that the pandemic has been a struggle, but he believes that the school dealt with it in a very appropriate way. 

Nick has aspirations to go to college and have a job that involves wildlife. As he prepares for his journey into the outside world, he gives good advice to everyone in or going into high school, “Bad things happen, but you learn from it, you get better, and you feel better.” 

AHS is so lucky to have such a vibrant student! Nick Hardman has contributed his positive attitude and fun personality to this school, leaving behind a legacy of laughter and happy memories. Never hesitate to say hi to him in the halls if you’re looking for a good time!