Published March 2021

Written by: Moriah Knapp

After a long winter, spring is finally almost upon us. Spring is the season where the snow melts, the weather gets warmer, and the days get longer. The spring season lasts three months. Spring begins on March 20th and ends on June 20th. In Iowa, the average temperature high in the spring is 58-65 degrees Fahrenheit. AHS student, Montgomery Halsrud, says, “Spring is lovely.”

There is a relationship between the good weather in the spring and happy moods. Humans massively react to the light produced by the sun when spring begins. The sun rays change our hormone balance. Because of this, many humans feel happier in the spring. 

The world becomes more colorful in the spring because of nature. Trees can start growing new leaves as early as March. Flowers start blooming when they sense the weather getting warmer. Flowers and trees are positive influences on human attitudes. 

Daylight savings time also begins in the spring. In the spring, it is often referred to as “spring ahead” since clocks are moved forward one hour. This time change will make the sun rise and the sun set later in the day. This makes the days feel longer as the sun is up longer in the evening. Daylight savings time begins on Sunday, March 14th, at 2:00 am this year. 

The holiday Easter also takes place in the spring. Easter is a holiday that celebrates Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Easter takes place on Sunday, April 4th this year. Easter is celebrated with church, music, candles, and flowers. 

Spring is right around the corner. It is time to put the winter coats away and welcome the warmer weather!