IJAG Country Maid tour 2021

On October 13th, AHS IJAG students toured Country Maid in West Bend. While there, the group learned about job opportunities, employer expectations, and toured the facility. 

The students learned about the growth potential in the industry and also how much of a great opportunity that Country Maid truly is for our local area. Country Maid brings high technology to the area and provides many opportunities for work for the residents of West Bend and the surrounding areas.  

The group of students were able to learn about the history and how Country Maid began in the creators’ family basement! 

The favorite part of the tour for many was watching each Country Maid item from the start of the entire process to the frosting at the very end of the factory line. The students even got to enjoy and sample each product that Country Maid produces, including their famous butter braids, cookies, and rolled snack cakes. 

This was definitely a hands-on experience that was enjoyed by all who attended. “The IJAG students who had the opportunity to attend learned of a great local opportunity. We have one current student who is interested in applying to work there after graduation in May,” states IJAG instructor, Casee Ross.