DMACC Auto Skills

AHS auto students recently had an amazing opportunity.  Some of our own high school students went down to Des Moines Area Community College to participate in the DMACC/IADA High School Automotive Skills Contest. The seniors who went from AHS were Adrian Jensen, Declan Braun, Hank Collins, Jacob DePue, Zac Chapman, Gauge Miller, Collin Schmitt, and Luke Huber. Juniors who also went were Cayden Anderson, Kayden Bell, James Burma, Daniel Davila-Banchs, Jacob Haase, Cole Harms, Carter Johnson, Nicholas Ludwig, Hunter Penton, Alex Rath, Nickolas Weiland, Jacob Wolf, and Jacob Zabka. 

The first part of the contest was a written examination. The students who placed in the top eight between all of the kids from their school moved on to the hands-on part of the competition. The hands-on portion is only for juniors and seniors. Each high school can take a freshman and a sophomore for the written test part and if they do well, they get a prize. But they can not compete in the hands-on portion. 

Adrian Jensen stated, “It’s a great experience to go down there and compete with other mechanics.” Algona did well but did not qualify to continue with the competition.