Cooking pasta 2021

Students at AHS get great opportunities to try cooking a variety of items in the different classes offered in the Family and Consumer Science department, all taught by Mrs. Louwagie.

On October 15th, the food and nutrition classes had a contest to see whose brownie fruit pizza was the best tasting and best looking. Groups in the class made their best brownie base, then added different fruit toppings to make it delicious and appealing to the eye. Guest students were then brought in to judge these different creations. Kiley Pearson stated, “The experience was funny.”

The global foods class did an authentic Italian pizza lab. They also recently did a pasta lab, where they made their own pastas from scratch.

In Louwagie’s foods class, they had an apple taste testing period. Here they tried a variety of apple varieties to see which ones tasted the best. Also by taste testing, students found out what variety of apples would go best in cooking different apple-based recipes.  

In baking, they are working on yeast breads. So far they have made cinnamon rolls and pretzel bites with cheese sauce. 

Next week, foods class will be doing fruit crisps and global foods will be moving on to Germany-inspired dishes. If you are interested in trying to make different foods, be sure to take one of Mrs. Louwagie’s classes.