FFA National Convention 2021

The Algona FFA chapter had an early morning on October 26th as they headed to Indianapolis, Indiana, for the 94th National FFA Convention and Expo. There were 11 students from the Algona FFA chapter who signed up to attend the convention. These students were Beth Anderson, Jordan Buscher, Kayla Buscher, Nicholas Christensen, Sophie Degner, Megan Hannover, Paige Meendering, Connor Olmsted, Hunter Thilges, Olivia Thilges, and Ellie Vaske. 

These students met at the school at 6:30am to get on a charter bus, accompanied by other FFA chapters. After over 11 hours on the bus, the Algona FFA chapter made it to the hotel. Mrs. Becker and the students spent the rest of the night settling in before the next few busy days. 

On Wednesday, October 27th, the students began their day with a tour of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Students got the opportunity to learn about the track and even stepped foot on the track. After the chapter finished their tour, Mrs. Becker and the students headed back to the venue where they participated in many things. The National FFA Convention and Expo offered workshops and a career and job fair. 

The Algona FFA chapter made their way to the 1st General Session of the 94th National FFA Convention and Expo. While waiting for the session to begin, the members danced to “Cotton Eye Joe” in large groups. The first session was granted by the presence of keynote speaker Courtenay DeHoff. DeHoff shared her key to success and why it is important to “keep showing up” to things in your life. The chapter also got to hear from the National FFA officers. The officers stressed the message “Back Together, Better Than Ever.”

On Thursday, October 28th, the chapter headed back to the convention. FFA members and teachers started their morning in workshops. Students got to learn from different people who play different roles in FFA. Once finished with workshops, the Algona FFA chapter headed to the 2nd General Session. Mrs. Becker and her students listened to Secretary Anna Mathis’s retiring speech. Mathis reminded all FFA members that there is opportunity all around and to make the most of every chance possible. Mathis wanted members to know that everything happens for a reason and there is a learning opportunity from each reason.

The Algona FFA was also recognized at the second session. The Algona FFA chapter was awarded a National Chapter 2 Star Award. Students Connor Olmsted and Nick Christensen had the opportunity to represent the chapter on stage to receive this award.

On Friday, October 29th, the chapter made the most of their last day. The chapter headed back to the convention. Algona FFA members got the chance to attend any workshops they missed before that they wanted to attend. When finished with workshops, the chapter hopped back on the bus and drove to Hunter’s Honey Farm in a rural area of Martinsville, Indiana. Here they had the opportunity to tour the family business. The members were able to dive deeper into the study of apiculture. 

Late Friday night, the Algona FFA chapter headed home. Students spent their time getting to know the other chapter members on the charter bus the whole way home. “It was a lot of fun and a really cool experience to have the opportunity to meet other FFA members from all over the United States,” Beth Anderson commented.