Holiday gift guide

Finding gifts for people during Christmas time can be very stressful. There is such little time to find good gifts for people, especially when it comes to shopping for unique and thoughtful gifts. When finding a gift, you may not know the person that well, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them a good gift. 

When it comes to shopping for your teenage child, you may struggle knowing what they will like and use. “The original Buddha board” is the perfect gift for your artsy teenager. You dip the brush in water and start to draw. Your drawing comes to life when the water is on the board, but when the water starts to evaporate, so does your drawing. Get a good sense of art therapy with this gift. 

Every teenager likes to take pictures with their friends and family, having those pictures printed out is even better. “The Polaroid 2x3 pocket photo printer“ is perfect for a teenage girl who loves to hold onto memories with a photograph. You can take photos that you took on your phone and print them onto a polaroid. 

Makeup is a perfect gift for your daughter, especially if she likes to look classy. The “On the glow blush and illuminator” by Wander Beauty, and the “Three in one bronzer stick” by Mango People are great small gifts for your daughters. It is simple, but it’s something they can easily use and take with them when they are on the go. 

For teenage boys, it may be a little bit easier to shop for them and get a gift they will enjoy. Any sports item or sports wear is a very good gift for your athletic, sports-loving teenage boy. Video games are another great gift for boys. With a wide variety of available games, or any accessories they could use while gaming, you’re sure to find something they like. 

Shopping for a parent may be hard, especially when they have multiple hobbies. For parents who love to sit down and read, the “Kindle Paperwhite” may just be the perfect gift. It is an electronic device that you can choose from any book and read it on a tablet that is safe for travel and perfect for a night on the couch. 

The “Iceless Cooler” from Huski is good for when your parents are on the go or attending a night out with their friends. You place the wine bottle in the cooler and it keeps it cold without any ice needed. 

A mini polaroid projector can be a perfect gift for the whole family. You can sit and watch movies as a family with this mini projector. It is easy to set up and is small enough that it is easily put away or take with you on travels. 

A “Galaxy Watch 4” by Samsung Electronics may be a good gift for dad. This high tech watch monitors your sleep cycle and also has GPS. It has a virtual running coach for all of the health junkie dads. 

Shopping for a significant other can be stressful, not knowing whether to get them something thoughtful or something you know they will use for sure. “Long distance lamps” by Friendship Lamps could be perfect for a long distance relationship. This lamp is a great way to brighten someone’s day. When you touch it, both of the lamps light up with different colors. 

“Bychari sade hoops,” by Bychari, are a good gift for your best friend or significant other. These gold hoops come in four different sizes so you can stack them or wear them solo. 

The “Truff best seller pack” can be perfect for a gift especially when the recipient is a major foodie. It has sauces and oil that they will obsess over.

No matter what your choice, remember, it’s the thought that counts. Put some time and effort into thinking about them and you’re sure to get the perfect gift!