Christmas spirit 2021

Holiday break is right around the corner! Starting next week, on Monday and Tuesday, semester tests will be held. Odd class periods will be held on Monday, December 20th, and even tests will be held on Tuesday, December 21st. The schedule is a bit different than “normal.” 

From 8:15-8:45 on both Monday and Tuesday will be open study time in the commons or in classrooms if you’ve pre-arranged that with a teacher. There will also be no advisory or TAS on those two days.  Periods 1 and 2 will start later than usual. Classes will be from 8:45-10:04. You can not leave right after your test; you have to stay for the whole time, so bring something to read or study. Then periods 3-4 go from 10:08 until 11:27. Lunch is included during 5th/6th period testing, which lasts from 11:31-1:33. Depending on what lunch break you have, you might have to go to class and then lunch or lunch then straight to class to take your test. Then, after lunch, 7th and 8th period start at 1:37 and end at 2:57. The commons will again be an open study hall after that, from 3:00-3:25. 

Wednesday is the make-up testing time, where students who may have missed any of their tests can talk to teachers ahead of time and ask to come in and take a test they have missed or need to make up. Make-up testing times on Wednesday are from 8:45-9:45, 9:50-10:50, 10:55-11:55, and 1:05-2:05. 

Winter break then starts on the 22nd of December with a 2:30 early out. Students will have off until January 4th, when they’ll return for the start of second semester. Teachers will have a staff development day on the 3rd of January. 

Lots of AHS staff and students have fun and relaxing activities planned for break. Bo Owens is looking forward to hanging out with his family, playing Xbox, and starting to work at HyVee. Thomas Feathers has been working really hard on taking one engine out and trying to rebuild another one to put in his truck with his buddy Gauge Miller.  He plans on continuing to work on that with the extra time during break. Willow Kent is planning to go hang out with her family for Christmas, celebrate one of her friends’ birthdays, and work. Seth Presthus was in quarantine shortly before break. He said that his plans over Christmas break are to get feeling better over this sickness and hangout with his family, especially because his brother came home from the Army not too long ago for the holidays. 

Hopefully everyone has a very great holiday break and that their loved ones make it home safely. Best wishes for the new year to start!