Student Spotlight - Kennedy Lee

Kennedy Lee is the daughter of Marty Lee and Jodie Rath. Kennedy has a lot of siblings: Jordan, Brady, Chase, Chance, Maddison, and Alex. She also has lots of cats: OJ, Velvet, Rex, Pebbles, and Peanut. 

Kennedy’s favorite memory as a kid is playing outside and living life, having no worries or responsibilities. A couple other favorite childhood memories include being able to come home after being at the pool all day and going to the neighbors for cookouts. 

Kennedy is a senior at Algona High School. One of her favorite school memories is going to all of the games and events at Algona schools.

Kennedy used to play basketball, volleyball, and even danced for many years. When going into high school,  Kennedy stopped playing sports and decided to focus on school and get a job. Kennedy actually has two jobs. She works at Glow and Brown’s Shoe Fit.  She is staying very busy with school and work, but she still enjoys watching and supporting the teams.

Kennedy loves driving around, hanging out with friends, shopping, and going out to eat. Her favorite food is the steak at Emeralds in Algona. Kennedy’s favorite place is her bed; she loves sleeping in and laying in her bed all cozied up.  

Kennedy wants the underclassmen to know that no one cares what you do, and, in a few years, no one will remember. So do what makes you happy and don’t settle for less. Branch out and find new friends and don’t be afraid to leave some behind. If they want to, they would stay with you. But if they don’t, then it’s ok. Everything happens for a reason; the people you encounter can either be a blessing or lesson.

Kennedy plans on graduating from Algona High School this spring. After graduating, she is still undecided of where she would like to go and what she wants to do. She is looking into marketing and business. Even though she is undecided, she is still very excited for what is to come.