Blood drive

On Friday, February 11, 2022, Algona High School is hosting a blood drive for the Kossuth County citizens who would like to give back and donate blood. The National Honor Society will be organizing this blood drive and will be there to assist people in any way possible. 

Donating blood is very critical for many reasons. Each time a person gives blood, they can be helping up to three patients who are in critical condition. More than 3,000 units of blood are needed for LifeServe. 

For people’s time and efforts donating blood, there are some benefits to being a donor. Each donation rewards the donor with points. With enough donations, they will be able to purchase something from the Life Serve store. Also, high school students who have donated three times during high school will be awarded a red cord to wear at graduation.

Appointments are required in order to donate, and there is a minimum weight requirement of 120 pounds. If you are under 18, a parent permission form must be filled out. These forms can be found in the office.

Students are excited to give back to their community and make a change!