New teacher - Sam Nelson

This year, a program called IJAG was brought to Algona High School. IJAG stands for Iowa Jobs for America’s Graduates. In IJAG, students focus on what they want to do after high school, whether that is college or the workforce. 

For the first semester, Mrs. Ross taught the class. But at semester, she resigned. Starting the second semester, a new teacher for IJAG started. The 11-12th grade class is now taught by Ms. Samantha Nelson. 

Ms. Nelson is originally from Egen, Minnesota, but she decided to move to Iowa for new opportunities. She went to Henry Sibley High School and continued her education at South Dakota State. While at South Dakota State, Ms. Nelson earned a degree in Community and Public Health. Before Ms. Nelson started working at Algona High School with the IJAG program, she worked as a PCA with children with autism. Ms. Nelson stated, “I am very excited to be working at Algona High School and be a Bulldog!”  

So far Ms. Nelson has really enjoyed that everyone has been so welcoming and she loves all of the students. If you see Ms. Nelson in the hallway, don’t be afraid to say hello and introduce yourself.