NHS blood drive 2022

The blood drive here at AHS was a huge success! There were a total of 41 donors, and 24 of them had never donated before. The blood donated will go to help save 102 lives! More than 3,000 units of blood are needed a week, and AHS has helped to contribute to this.

The members of the current National Honor Society planned and worked this event. Each member advertised for the event and found people to donate. On the day of the event, they set up the area, escorted donors after donating to the rest area, handed out snacks and drinks to donors, and cleaned up after the event. 

If you missed this event, there are still local blood drives at least once a month in our immediate area. Before donating blood, make sure to eat a balanced meal, drink plenty of water, incorporate a little more salt, and get plenty of sleep. Donating blood helps patients with cancer, organ transplants, burn victims, premature infants, heart surgery, and car accidents. 

Donating blood is an amazing gift to give if you are able. Kenzi Carrigan has donated blood three times now and loves how she can help people by doing it. Carrigan says, “It is a great way to give back to your community.” 

This blood drive was Jaden Zwiefel’s first time donating and she says, “I would definitely give blood again because it feels great to give back!” If there is a blood drive near you, it is an amazing event to check out!