Student Spotlight - Jaden Zwiefel

Jaden Zwiefel is the daughter of Angie and Lex Zwiefel. She is the youngest of three siblings: Gabe Zwiefel, Kala Zwiefel, and herself. Her hack to staying on top of things is to drink Crystal Light and mix it with any sort of caffeinated drink.

Jaden is very dedicated to her FFA family. She has been in FFA all four years of high school and helps out at a lot of their events. Along with FFA, Jaden also participates in the school’s trapshooting team. She loves anything outdoors and involving agriculture.

Outside of school Jaden is a very hard worker. She hauls manure, works at a hog confinement, and, on top of that, she nannies. She hauls manure because it gives her a step up in her career that she wants to pursue.

Next year Jaden is double majoring in agricultural technology and agricultural production at Iowa Lakes Community College. Although this will keep her busy, she plans on still nannying for the family she currently does because she has been watching them for six years and thinks of them as family.

In her free time Jaden has a knack for baking. Jaden says her favorite things to bake are muffins and monster cookies. 

Jaden is excited to continue on after high school and advises the underclassmen to “have good time management.”