Spring break

Algona High had almost a week off for Spring Break, getting Wednesday, March 30th, through Sunday, April 3rd, off. The teachers had to stick around an extra day, with in-service on Wednesday. 

Students throughout the school did many different activities over Spring Break. Garrett Goche, Miles Goche, and Luke Carter hopped on a plane and flew to Mexico for a week. Miles Goche says, “It was really fun.” Many other students, including Kenzi Carrigan and Madi Adams, also went on vacation to enjoy some sun and relax. 

Many students also stayed around here and enjoyed the time off. Nolyn Hempel enjoyed laying in his bed the entire break. Hempel said, “Bro, I didn’t feel good.” 

Overall, Spring Break was a success for AHS and everyone enjoyed their time off. Students now have to get ready for the home stretch of school, studying hard for tests in the upcoming weeks.