FFA banquet 2022

The FFA annual banquet was held on March 22, 2022. It started at 5:30 in the PAC and then there was a meal and an auction following the ceremony in the commons. This banquet was for the students to receive awards and scholarships and also to recognize the new FFA officers for next year.

The FFA officers of 2021-2022 include: president Collin Casey, vice president Molly Bormann, secretary Beth Anderson, treasurer Conner Olmstead, reporter Joe Schumacher, sentinel Nick Christensen, student advisor Morgan Kelly, and advisor Besty Becker. The new 2022-2023 class officers are: president Beth Anderson, vice president Morgan Kelly, secretary Reid Louwagie, treasurer Aidan Morris, reporter Logan Lentz, sentinel Jacob Schutter, student advisor Christopher Dodds, and advisor Betsy Becker. 

The Greenhand award was the first award presented. Students who received this award include: Kayla Buscher, Camilla Campuzano, Porter Divis, Chris Dodds, Jensen Eischen, MaKayla Erpelding, Gretchen Gorham, Cody Harms, Treyton Johnson, Ace Kruse, Avah Merryman, Kolby Preuschl, Breanna Ricklefs, Aleena Rosacker, Kara Rotert, Marshawn Rushing, Drew Schutjer, Carson Skow, Ace Studer, Peyton Sulentic, Olivia Thilges, Landon Thompson, Ellie Vaske, CJ Weydert, and Seth Walker.

  The Star Greenhand Award, pin and plaque, goes to two first-year high school members who are most active in FFA. The winners of the Star Greenhand Award this year were Ace Studer and Chris Dodds. 

The Chapter FFA Degree went to 21 students. The candidates who received this include: Carlee Allen, Cole Collins, Anthony Dahlhauser, Kohl Dodds, Sophie Degner, Ian Fehr, Mya Garman, Megan Hannover, Cole Harms, Adalee Hinton-Meyer, Morgan Kelly, Dane Kitzinger, Juliann Kofoot, Longan Lentz, Reid Louwagie, Caleb Penner, Joseph Ricklefs, Ethan Riggert, Jacob Schutter, Bryton Thompson, and Jenna Weiland.   

The Iowa Degree Award is another step on the FFA degrees ladder. In order to receive this degree, students must have earned and productively invested $1500 or worked at least 375 unpaid hours outside of class time in an SAE program. They also have to show leadership by performing 10 procedures of parliamentary law and they have to be active in class and in the community as well. There were seven members who received this award: Molly Bormann, Allison Casey, Collin Casey, Taylor Kelly, Aidan Morris, Joe Schumacher, and Lilly Vaske.

Top fruit, cheese, and sausage class winners for sales were also recognized. For the freshmen, it was Ellie Vaske. For sophomores, Dane Kitzinger was the highest salesman. In the junior class, Lauren Anderson had the highest sales. And for seniors, Collin Casey was top in sales. 

Chapter participation awards are based on points for contests, conferences, and meetings. Chris Dodds, freshman, Reid Louwagie, sophomore, Aidan Morris, junior, and Hunter Thilges, senior, were this year’s recipients.

Senior Scholastic Awards go to seniors with a 3.5 GPA or higher throughout their high school years and have been an FFA member for at least three years. Molly Bormann, Jordan Buscher, Taylor Kelly, Conner Olmstead, and Hunter Thilges all received this award. 

The Star Chapter Member Award goes to a junior or senior member who has shown great leadership, and this year it went to Hunter Thilges. 

Various recognitions were also held during the banquet, like for community members who help the FFA, past Algona FFA advisors, and scholarships for underclassmen and seniors.