Softball field 4/2022

AHS has a new softball facility that is the top of the line. New brick dugouts, team room, field, and everything imaginable is in the new facilities! 

The construction class is currently working on the new softball team room. They are building new benches, putting up hooks, and making it nice for the girls. Junior, Lillian Etherington, says, “It feels great to get to start fresh on a new field for my last two years of softball.” It is safe to say that the girls are really looking forward to getting to play on the beautiful new field!

The new field is located north of the baseball field, taking the place of the old football practice field. The field has new grass put in with a black fence surrounding it. The seating will be right behind home plate. The announcers box is brand new and above the team room. 

With the new entrance and concession stand behind the softball field, everything is close and easy to get to. The field is almost finished, only things that are left are the railings around the stairs, the front fence, and some electrical work.