Leadership class 2022

The leadership class, taught by Mr. McLaughlin and Mrs. Stein, teaches students how to accept and deal with things as a person. The class learns about themselves by taking personal quizzes. They are becoming more aware of themselves before they go out to the community and show what they’ve learned. 

The counselors encourage getting out into the community in order to put a great name out for the Algona High School students. Students are also encouraged to go to school board meetings so they can see how important meetings go. 

During Valentine's Day, Maddie Hilbert and Jaden Zwiefel went to the Algona nursing homes and delivered flowers and cards made by the underclassmen. During the class, the students watch inspirational movies, take self- evaluation quizzes, and set goals for the short and long-term. The class is a junior or senior class, so it is setting up the kids for college or for the workforce. Alasha Heenan says, “The counselors give very good leadership advice for my future.” 

Overall, the leadership class is a fun time and the people in it create a fun environment for everyone.