Anatomy dissection 2022

Mr. Arrowood has been doing a lot of fun experiments in the anatomy classroom to get students engaged. 

One of the experiments was a Skittles lab. Students got in groups and had to figure out a coating that could be put on the Skittles that would not dissolve right away when it is put in sodium bicarbonate. The sodium bicarbonate is used to demonstrate the acid in a stomach. The coating on the Skittles was used to compare to coating on medication and how it reacts in the body. Each group competed with each other to see whose Skittle coating would hold up the best in the sodium bicarbonate. 

Each day in class, Arrowood finds a way to get students up and moving. The other day he pulled out the chalk and students went to work on drawing a body and measuring out the length of the digestive tract on the counters in the room. When learning about the heart, he got all of the students involved by moving the tables around the room to make each chamber of the heart. After the heart was made, students turned themselves into blood cells and followed the path through the heart to understand the direction everything travels. 

Also in anatomy, Mr. Arrowood has been teaching about all of the organs in the body. In class, students will soon be dissecting a fetal pig. Arrowood says, “It is a real life look into everything we have learned.” He always finds new and interesting ways for students to learn. Mr. Arrowood is a very fun and energetic teacher.