School to work - SnapOn

A class offered at Algona High School, workplace experience, really helps prepare students for a job in the workforce after high school. The first quarter of the class focuses on job and career skills that are helpful in any field. They start by researching areas of interest in a career field. They then write a resume, participate in a mock interview, and learn skills needed for a career in this field. 

The second quarter is when students get hands-on experience in the workforce by going out and working. Students are paired with a work experience that is related to their field of interest. Students set goals with the teacher and also the employer for what they will accomplish throughout the quarter. Since students are going out into the workplace, this class takes a two period block. 

Students this fourth quarter are getting some good hands-on experience for the future. Chance Deemer has an interest in welding and has been working regularly at SnapOn to see if this is a field he wants to pursue after high school. He has been enjoying his time there and has learned a lot. Uriel Pena has an interest in graphic design and has been working to create graphics for the school website and the new kiosk system that will be installed before next school year. Annabel Shuey has an interest in culinary arts and has been working at Kossuth Regional Health Center kitchen, learning a variety of tasks related to the career that interests her. Jacob DePue has an interest in aided drafting and design CAD. He is currently doing his internship at BrandFX.

These students are learning essential work skills while still in high school. They may go to college to further their studies in this field, or they may go straight into the workforce with the knowledge they have already gained. Throughout this class, they have learned quality skills that are needed for the workforce, whenever they reach that point of their lives.