College and career readiness grant

As part of Algona High School's college and career readiness program, AHS received a $500 grant from the Iowa State Education Association. The grant was used to encourage members of the senior class to complete the steps necessary to prepare themselves for next year, whether that is through college, military, or the work force. Criteria for three levels of preparation, bronze, silver, and gold, was determined and students were notified of the requirements. Students had their names submitted for the levels they achieved and names were drawn on College Decision Day at AHS on May 18, 2022. Prizes for the bronze level were $25 Amazon gift cards to four students. Prizes in the silver level were two $50 Amazon gift cards. Two prizes were awarded in the gold level, $100 and $200 cash. Prize winners include: Tyler Manske, Stren Crouch, Irelynd Lohman, Nick Christensen, Kenzi Carrigan, Jaden Zwiefel, Doris Pena, and Madi Adams. 

Special thanks to AHS counselors, Mrs. Stein and Mr. McLaughlin, for securing this grant.