Be an example

The students from Mrs. Welp & Mrs. Crouch’s classes applied for and received money from Project Jack.  Project Jack originated in the Quad Cities area in memory of Jack Lindaman. Jack passed away in 2010 from spinal muscular atrophy. The project gives 4th and 5th grade students the chance to pay it forward in any way they choose. The project was then picked up by The REALTOR® Foundation of Iowa.   

Welp and Crouch's classes decided to purchase "Be an example" bracelets and fill out cards to high school students to tell how they can be an example to younger students. These elementary students came to the high school, explained the project, and handed out the cards and bracelets. In return, in advisory time, high school students also filled out cards of how the elementary students could be examples as well and gave bracelets to the elementary students. Seniors were not to be left out. During A Walk Through the Ages, Welp and Crouch's classes handed them the bracelets before graduation. 

Hopefully all students are reminded of how they can be an example to others by wearing the bracelets.