Cross country team 2022

Algona High School’s cross country team is off to a great start this year. The men’s and women’s JV and Varsity teams competed at Spencer on the 25th of August. Men’s Varsity placed second overall. Some top performers were Ryan Stundah in 4th, Jace Mortensen in 7th, Gavin Weber in 8th, Isaac Wilson in 18th, Brenden Lucas in 35th, and Riley Riggert in 37th. Women’s Varsity placed fourth overall. In the individual placement, Moriah Knapp came in 2nd, Malyn Davis in 13th, Allison Casey in 35th, Reese Taylor in 37th, and Loralei Bradyin 53rd. 

On August 29th, the cross country teams competed in Webster City. The boys’ Varsity team placed second out of 16 participating schools. Top individuals were Ryan Stundahl who placed 8th, Gavin Weber in 13th, Jace Mortensen in 14th, Isaac Wilson in 15th, Barrett Morgan in 31st, Brenden Lucas in 38th, and Ryley Riggert in 51st. The girls’ Varsity team placed fifth overall. Top female individuals were Moriah Knapp in 2nd, Malyn Davis in 25th, Allison Casey in 32nd, Reese Taylor in 33rd, and Loralei Brady in 42nd place.

The cross country teams competed at their third meet on September 6th at Estherville Lincoln Central. The men’s Varsity squad placed first overall, with top performers being Ryan Stundahl in 1st place, Gavin Weber in 3rd, Jace Mortensen in 6th, Isaac Wilson in 9th, Barrett Morgan in 15th, Brenden Lucas in 20th, and Sam Tiili in 21st. Women’s Varsity placed 7th. Highest placing females were Malyn Davis in 18th, Allison Casey in 28th, Reese Taylor in 32nd, Allyssa Lohman in 49th, Loralei Brady in 55th,and Lauren Anderson in 57th.

On September 13th, the Bulldogs traveled to Storm Lake. The men’s Varsity placed second overall, top performers being Ryan Stundahl in 4th, Gavin Weber in 8th, Jace Mortensen in 11th, Isaac Wilson in 22nd, Barrett Morgan in 31st, Sam Tiili in 47th, and Brenden Lucas in 57th. Women’s Varsity placed ninth overall, their top performers being Malyn Davis in 23rd, Allison Casey in 46th, Reese Taylor in 47th, Allyssa Lohman in 64th, and Loralei Brady in 68th.

Up next, the Bulldog cross country team competes at Humboldt on September 19th. This will be their 5th meet this season. Loralei Brady says, “Cross country teaches you responsibility in a way other sports don’t.”