Cassy Olesen

As you walk down the history and special education hallway, you will see Cassy Olesen standing in the hallway greeting students. Cassy is the new freshman and sophomore iJAG teacher. Cassy’s partner is Sami, who teaches juniors and seniors. iJAG is a class offered to all grades; it is essentially a class for preparation after high school. 

Cassy is a graduate of ISU and has a degree in journalism. After college, Cassy got a job as a Radio Broadcaster at KICD in Spencer. Cassy decided that she wanted a job closer to Bancroft because the drive was getting long. She had a roommate who had informed her about a position for an education specialist at AHS. Cassy jumped right onto the opportunity. She enjoys helping people and has great communication skills. 

Since her start at AHS, which was the beginning of second semester, Cassy has enjoyed each and every student who has walked through the door. The interaction with her students is one of the best parts of her day. Cassy wants to make it known that, “I am here to help students succeed, and I want them to see that I recognize the differences between each student.”

Cassy has a unique personality and lots of quirky traits. She has an obsession of watching New Girl over and over again. She also is very good friends with her coworker, Sami Nelson. Cassy said, “My favorite thing about Sami is that she is very spunky. Our personalities are just so similar, it makes work easy.” Cassy has also traveled to Spain, Honduras, and Vietnam. Her Spain trip was to reconnect with her foreign exchange student she had when in high school. She also had the opportunity to visit Honduras and Vietnam through a college club called F.O.C.U.S. through ISU.

If you would like to know more about iJAG and Cassy, she is available. Cassy’s room is classroom number 44, and she is always willing to meet new people.