4th quarter

On March 15th, the 3rd quarter comes to an end. Students will have to get all of their missing work done and turned in before then. The 3rd quarter is 40% of your second semester grade, so make sure that you are doing well in your classes and keeping up. 

With the 4th quarter coming up fast, it means that the school year is coming to a quick end. All of your 4th quarter grades are 40% of your second semester grade. The 4th quarter is also the last quarter of the year! 

There are many events to look forward to in fourth quarter, like Superstars next Thursday and Prom on April 23rd.

Some time off to look forward to in fourth quarter is Spring Break, which is at the end of March. Students get off Wednesday, March 30th, while there is a staff development day. Students and staff return to school on Monday, April 4th. Another break from school comes in April. There is an early dismissal on April 14th, at 2:30. There is no school on the 15th either. 

The remaining 20% of your second semester grade comes from your semester tests. All grades will be taking semester tests at the same time. They will begin on May 16th and will go on for that Monday and Tuesday. All underclassmen will still have to attend school until the 24th. The last day for seniors is on May 18th and commencement is on May 22nd.