Superstars 2021 podium

AHS Superstars is finally on its way! This year, Superstars will take place on March 17th, and the theme is “Luck of the Bulldogs.” All students are encouraged to join the fun and help their class win first place! Superstars is a battle of the classes to earn points through winning games. 

Each class is assigned a color and they earn points based on the percentage of students dressed in their class color. Seniors are to be dressed in black, juniors in red, sophomores in blue, and freshmen in white. Opening ceremonies, that include the class count, begin at 11:45.

There are many games that students can compete in. The games will start at 12:00 with dodgeball, then progress to arm wrestling, team hideout, cornhole, ledgeball, and steal the bacon at 12:45. At 1:15, human ladder, pickleball, chipping weight lifting, crab soccer, and spike ball will start. Afterwards will be a talent show where students show off their skills and earn points based on how good they are. At 2:30, games like human ladder, tire bridge, a three-point contest, and musical chairs will begin. The last two events are lightning and tug of war.

Throughout the entire afternoon, there are drop-in games in the commons. These events are for anyone to join, without signing up. There will be ping pong, topple, cup stacking, grand-prize game, chess, checkers, and cribbage. The two drop-in events that happen at a fixed time are dodgeball at 12:00 and lightning at 3:00. While these games aren't worth big points all at once, they definitely add up in the end. 

A new game called tchoukball has been added to the list of events this year. Each class will have a team of eight and will try to make a ball bounce off a net. Paper airplane flying, where students will compete in making and throwing paper airplanes the farthest, is also new this year. 

Superstars is meant to be a fun, fair competition between the grades. Kenzi Carrigan says, “I love Superstars because it is such a unique experience to our school and it is so fun to get involved!” All students are encouraged to step outside their boxes and try new events to help their classmates win. Remember to keep good sportsmanship and have fun!