iJAG work 2022

In the upcoming weeks, iJAG students have a very busy schedule. On March 4th they began working on projects for the Career Development Conference (CDC). This competition will last until the beginning of April. 

For the next couple of weeks, students will be participating in all of the events that the iJAG executives offer. This includes career preparation, creative decision making, and many more. Ms. Nelson stated, “The Career Development Conference is an event that helps in more ways than one. This is an exciting opportunity because not very many students get to participate.” 

After the CDC, students will go to Des Moines for the Build My Future event. This event will be an all day event.  The Build My Future event includes hands-on learning for professions like culinary, mechanics, nursing, and many more. 

Following these events, students will start a new project that focuses on items that students don’t typically learn in school. Some of the categories that they will learn about include basic car necessities, basic first aid and emergencies, how to start your own business, basic law, and more.