Baking donation 2022

In baking class with Mrs. Louwagie, the class has been learning to bake cakes. The first sweet treat that was made by the class was an angel food cake. The class worked really hard and they all turned out great. Morganne Cassens stated, “Baking class is pretty fun, I look forward to it.”

The baking class was asked by the leaders of the Mental Health Awareness Showcase to bake a treat for the silent auction. The class took on the task, but they didn’t make just one; the baking class donated four items to this great cause! One group made Oreo cupcakes, the second group made a chocolate mousse cake,  the third group made a marble cake, and the fourth group made a layered chocolate cake. All of the goodies were a top pick at the auction and helped to raise money for mental health awareness. 

Stay tuned to see what sweet treat the baking class makes next.