Baking teacher appreciation 2022

The high school offers a lot of fun electives that students enjoy. One class that gets you involved while being able to enjoy your work is baking. Mrs. Louwagie teaches a baking class where you get to make a variety of baked goods.

This week in baking, students are making homemade pies; there are a variety of pies being made in class. For the first half of the week, students have to make a single crust pie, which is a pie with no top crust. Several groups made chocolate pudding pie, and other groups made Oreo pie. For the second half of the week, the groups will be making a double crust pie. That is when a pie has a bottom and a top crust. Groups will be making chicken pot pies and a variety of fruit pies. Such as apple, strawberry, cherry, and many more fun and delicious fruit pies. The baking class is very proud of all of their creative pies.