Petition for Reorganization

Petition for Reorganization - Signature Collection Process

The Algona CSD and Lu Verne CSD appointed a committee to work on a petition for reorganization (beginning with the 2023-2024 school year).  This committee met twice in the month of December and produced a petition.  After the committee assembled the petition, their next step is to collect signatures on it so it is eligible for a vote of the public (September, 2022).   Algona CSD will need a minimum of 400 signatures from eligible electors (people living in the Algona CSD) and Lu Verne CSD will need a minimum of 210 signatures in order for the petition to be placed on the ballot in September. The signatures must be collected and returned to either central office by March 1, 2022.  Remember that signing the petition does not mean you are voting yes or no on it.  It does mean that you would like it placed on the ballot for a vote by the electors of both school districts.  If you would like to sign the petition, please contact either school (central office) or any of the committee members and we will work to get a petition to you so you can sign it.  

In order to get information out to the public we have set up a website:
The website includes:  timeline of events, background information, list of committee members, committee meeting information (including all documents used at the meetings) and a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page.

If you would like to help the committee collect signatures or have any questions not addressed on our website please contact either Jon Hueser, Supt/Principal at Lu Verne CSD (515-882-3357) or or Joe Carter, Superintendent at Algona CSD (515-295-3598) or