Bullpup Relays

April 18, 2023

Dear Lucia Wallace Parents/Guardians,

Bullpup Relays are scheduled for Friday, May 12th at the High School track.  The relays are the conclusion to our track and field unit in Physical Education.  Students have the opportunity to compete in various field and running events. 


12:00 Field Events- 

3rd grade

Girls - Softball Throw followed by Long Jump

Boys - Long Jump followed by Football Throw

4th grade 

Girls - Long Jump followed by Softball Throw

Boys - Football Throw followed by Long Jump

1:00      400 Meter Dash  Girls followed by Boys

1:20 50 Meter Dash  Girls followed by Boys

1:25 200 Meter Dash  Girls followed by Boys

1:45 100 Meter Dash Girls followed by Boys

2:10 Coed 4x100  3rd vs 3rd:  4th vs 4th

Items your student will need for the day - 

- Athletic clothes

- Tennis shoes

- Water bottle

- Sunscreen

We invite you to watch your child participate.  Feel free to move around, take pictures, etc.  You may want to come early in case the events are running ahead of schedule.  We will notify you as soon as possible if we have to reschedule due to weather.


Chad Slagle

Physical Education Instructor