The month of November was a very busy month for third graders at Lucia Wallace.  We learned about insects, how chocolate is made, and invited our grandparents to visit our classrooms.  

First, Julie Fosado came to our classroom and taught us about insects.  She brought dead insects to look at.  We got a piece of paper and we had to find the name of the insect we had at our table.  Then, we had to answer questions about the insects. Also, Julie sang a song about dung beetles.  Finally, she took out her corn snake and told us a little bit about scales.

Then, we learned about cacao and how tootsie rolls are made.  These are the ingredients of a tootsie roll: sugar, corn syrup, palm oil, condensed skim milk, cocoa, artificial and natural flavors.  Cacao trees are grown on tropical farms.  A cacao tree can produce 20 pods.  Each cacao pod contains enough beans to make sevan candy bars.  In conclusion, it was fun learning about how chocolate is made.

Finally, on November 21st, our grandparents got invited to Lucia Wallace to participate in Grandparent's day.  First, at 1:00 our grandparents and friends went with us to the art room to get cookies and juice. After cookies and juice, our grandparents and friends came with us and filled out an interview form.  Then, our grandparents and friends played Kahoot with us.  Lastly, our grandparents left at 1:45.  It was a fun day!

As you can see, our November was filled with fun activities, and all the third graders learned a lot!