Kindergarten students at Wild Haven

During our "Spring Into Reading" program the students were challenged to read books at home with their families and bring back reading slips. For 3 weeks the students would get a new reading slip where they would write the title of a book they read (or had read to them) on a flower petal. When they returned the slips each week, they got a sticker to put on their chart and a petal for their class flower in the library. At the end of the program, the class petal totals were added up and Mrs. DePue's students were the lucky recipients of a pizza party!

As a finale activity, each class got to take a field trip out to Wild Haven and go on a nature hike. Our friends from Water's Edge Nature Center, Bille Willie and Julie Fosado taught us about camouflage, nature, and water. Some of the different activities included a nature hike where the children taught their classmates what they were looking at, journaling the different things we saw, hiding plastic animals in prairie and forest areas to see if their friends could find them, checking out the river and lakes, and the children got to fly like birds, too! We couldn't have asked for better weather to enjoy while spending time outdoors.

Thank you to Bille Willie, Julie Fosado, and Don Tietz for making this trip possible!