Kindergarten students with Firemen

This week is Fire Safety Week!!

Members from the Algona Fire Department stopped by to teach the children all about how to be safe if there is a fire. They learned about smoke detectors, what to do if there is a fire,  looked at all  the gear, and even got to check out the fire truck! They were challenged to go home and see if they could find the smoke detectors in their own homes. Each child was also gifted with a bag of goodies from the fire department. 

This Thursday, October 7th, is Operation EDITH in Algona. EDITH stands for Exit Drills In The Home. At 6:00 there will be fire trucks driving around town with their lights and sirens on. When you hear the sirens it is a great opportunity to practice as a family what you would do in the case of a fire. A very important thing that the children learned about today is having a designated meeting area to go to once everyone is out of the house. 

A huge thank you goes out to the Algona Fire Department, especially Mike Sabin, Jerod Frideres, and Jarrod Weichert for spending their time talking to each one of our classes here at Bertha Godfrey.